Cricket Diet Tips: Cricketer Diets during Practice Session and Matches

Cricket Diet Tips

For every Games, not only for cricket it is needed to be healthy and fit either physically or mentally but not everyone is taking it seriously. It is only possible when a cricketer will maintain their healthy and natural diet

Cricketers spend their most of the time in the training than actually they playing the matches. They might even have to be in several practice sessions everyday. These sessions can be gruelling and drain a cricketer’s energy.

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That is a cause of worry because exhausted players cannot win matches and are prone to picking up injuries. That is why a very specific diet is formulated for the practice session.

Cricket Diet Tips

Below are some points how to be a healthy and fit:

  • Prior to a session, every cricketer consumes a nutrient-rich and high-energy meal that will sustain the player for quite a few hours. Processed foods are strictly avoided.
  • Pre-training diet consists of whole grain snacks, fruits, boiled vegetables, protein bars, lean proteins, healthy biscuits and dairy products.
  • But on days when training will be very intense, cricketers also eat muesli bars and yoghurt.
  • As for fluids, the temperature and the weather conditions, as well as the duration of the training session, determine how much liquid a player needs to drink.
  • Fluid loss interferes with the accuracy of bowling and fielding. So, before an during the practice session, players consume energy drinks and water, non-sweetened fruit juices to stay hydrated.
  • Post-training session diet is just as strict. A cricketer can’t deviate from his diet plan because recovery hinges on what he eats afterwards.
  • This diet is very particular to mend and repair muscles and replenish the fluids lost during the practice session. So, a cricketer consumes plenty of proteins and electrolytes.
  • Whole grain and lean meat sandwiches, lean meat whole wheat burgers. Green yoghurt with berries, whole grain noodles with stir fried vegetables and chicken, energy gels.

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