BalleBaazi Redeem Code: Enjoy Rs.100 Per Refer & Winning Tips

We all know how popular cricket is in India. Almost every one grows up playing
cricket in their childhood. So if you want to enjoy the thrill of this game and play
with your squad, then Ballebaazi is your perfect choice.

Play Fantasy Sports on BalleBazzi and make real cash every day. BalleBazzi is one of the best options for making online money daily from home by playing Fantasy Sports.

The best of the best thing which you get on the BalleBaazi Fantasy App is that you can get rewards on losing any contest. In Simple Language, if you lose any contest and not earn real cash then you will get BB Coins. You can redeem BB Coins into real Cash, Gifts, Rewards, vouchers, and many others.

BalleBaazi Redeem Code

The best thing about BalleBaazi App is that you can play 4 different Fantasy Sports on it and earn more money. Along with Cricket, you can play Football, BasketBall, and Baseball. Recently BalleBazzi Developers add the BB Arcade option in their app where you can play Quiz Game, Poker, and Rummy to provide more options of earning to the users.

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Enter BalleBaazi Referral Code QGVKWLPK on Signup and get Rs.50 Bonus Cash. Also, share your BalleBaazi Redeem Code and get Rs.50 real Cash and Rs.100 Bonus Cash Per Refer on their 1st deposit.

BalleBaazi Redeem Code 2021

BalleBaazi Redeem Code 2021QGVKWLPK
Referral BonusRs.100 Referral Bonus
Valid ForNew Users
BalleBaazi App Redeem Code 2021QGVKWLPK

Apply BalleBaazi Redeem Code QGVKWLPK at the time of new Registration and get Rs.50 Bonus Cash on BalleBaazi Wallet. If you want to earn more Cash and Bonus then share your BalleBaazi App Redeem Code and earn Rs.50 real cash and 100 Bonus Cash Per Refer.

About Ballebaazi Fantasy App

It is an online fantasy platform for cricket fans. If you want to play cricket in real-
time with actual live cricket, it is the right stop for you. Here you can make your
own game scenario and strategy. It is like an actual game of cricket, but you are
playing it on your smartphone.

How to Apply BalleBaazi Referral Code & Get Rs.50 Cash

1.  At first, Click Here to download BalleBaazi App by visiting their official website.

2. Tap on the Download App/Download Now option at the BalleBaazi official website.

3. Now wait for a while to complete downloading. After that Install it.

4. After Installation, open BalleBaazi App.

5. Next Touch on the Have Invite Code and enter BalleBaazi Referral Code.

BalleBaazi Invite Code

Enter BalleBaazi Referral/Invite Code:- CWUFJV2 and get Rs.50 Cash.

BalleBaazi Referral Code

6. Enter your Mobile Number and Tap on the Get OTP button and verify your Mobile Number.

7. All done! Congrats you get Rs.50 Bonus Cash which is up to 100% usable on every match.

You can also do registration on BalleBaazi App through Facebook and Google Account.

How to Find BalleBaazi Invite Code

1. Open BalleBaazi App and tap on the more option.

ballebazzi redeem code 2021

2. Now click on the Partnership Program (Refer & Earn) button.

Ballebaazi refer and earn offer

3. Once you click on it, you will get your BalleBaazi Invite Code.

4. Copy or tap on the sharing option shown on the below image to share your BalleBaazi Referral Code.

BalleBaazi refer code

5. You will get Rs.50 real Cash and Rs.100 Bonus Cash/Refer on friend’s 1st deposit

6. Invite your Contacts & get 200 BB Coins.

7. You can unlimited Real and Bonus Cash from BalleBaazi Partnership Program.

How to Deposit Money on BalleBaazi App:

1. Open the BalleBaazi Apk and tap on the Account option.

Account option

2. Then touch on the Unsend Cash under the Wallet option at the top.

Unsend Cash option

3. Enter or Select the amount which you wish to deposit.

Apply or select any Promo Code to get Bonus Cash on Deposit.

Enter Amount & Promo Code

4. Then select the mode of Payment.

You can make payment through Wallet of PAYTM and MOBIKWIK. You can also use UPI ID and Debit/Credit Card for Payment.

5. Then enter the required payment details and complete the deposit.

6. After a successful deposit, you will get Bonus Cash if you applied any Coupon.

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How to Withdraw Earnings From BalleBaazi App:

1. Open BalleBaazi App and go to the Account option.

2. Now tap on the Winnings Cash option.

3. You need to first complete one-time verification of your Account before withdrawing.

If you did not complete the verification process then you not able to withdraw your earnings from BalleBaazi App. 

4. Now click on the Withdraw button.

5. Add one Bank Account or Linked Paytm Wallet.

6. Now enter the Amount and Submit it.

7. Your amount is instantly credit to your Account.

How to Complete Verification Process on BalleBaazi App:

1. Open App and tap on the Account option.

Account option

2. Then click on the Verification.

3. Next go to the PAN option

4. Now enter Name as on PAN Card, PAN Number, Date of Birth, and Select State.

5. Also upload your PAN Card image and click on the Sumbit for Verification button as shown on the above image.

Enter PAN details

6. The Verification of your Account completed within 7 days.

Promo codes

This game has an added advantage over the excitement of the game that it
obviously brings into our lives – promo codes. It prevents us from having to use
our money to play the games. There are many referrals, as well as promo codes
available online.

There are different kinds of promo codes available starting from just Rs 100. The higher you go with the amount, the more you get promo codes.

For example, you are signing up for this game, then you will get Rs 50 for the
signup. If you are referring this app to your friends and family, then you will get
100 rupees per refer. With just two basic things required to get into the game, you
gain money, you can guess there is more to come.

BalleBazzi Promo Codes 2021

There are different types of promo codes available on the BalleBaazi app. You can
claim it in multiple ways. Let me break it down it for you one by one.

● Referral promo- There are referral codes available on the BalleBaazi app. If
you are playing this game already and you know some friends and family who play this game, it makes it easier for you. If you are referring the app to
any of your family and friends, then you will get Rs 100 per refer.

● Sign up promo- If you are signing up for this app, then all you have to do is
type your mobile number, and you will get an OTP on your mobile number.
Once you punch in the OTP and verify it.

Then you will get Rs 50 in your account instantly. Another way to get Rs 50 in your account is when one of your family and friends refer you with this app link. When you open and
install it, you will get a code with the link, and once you verify it, you will
get the Rs 50 instantly in your account.

● Promo codes for adding money – There are different promo codes
available on the BalleBaazi platforms when you add money to your wallet.
There is a fixed amount of cashback for the different ranges of the amount
you will add to your wallet to play.

1. START100– If you are adding money in your wallet for the first time and
you use the code “start100”, then you get 100% of the cashback in your
wallet. This promo is valid from Rs 100 to Rs 5000. This offer is for every
user, and you can only use it once. There are many more offers like this
which are available for use only once per user on the BalleBaazi platform. You can check it on the same platform as well as on other online sites.

2. GOOGLY25– if you are using the money for the second time, then you can
use promo codes like “GOOGLY25”. If you are adding an amount anywhere
between Rs 100 to 499 in your BallBaazi wallet and you use this code, you
will get 20% extra money on the deposit in your wallet. The good thing
about such promo codes is that you can use it multiple times.

Where to find promo codes

You can find such promo codes on the BalleBaazi app. You can also find it on
different online platforms.

There are seasonal promo codes also available on the BalleBaazi apps. If there is a
live series or cricket world cup going on, then the app launches promo codes for that specific time, hence, you need to keep your app updated to be able to grab it
within time.

So the next time you are playing fantasy cricket on the BalleBaazi platform, always
keep in mind that you can make extra money with the help of promo codes. Keep
playing, and feel free to let us know about your experience of BalleBaazi.

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