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Are you Cricket lover? If yes then you have also heard about BlueByHeart. Have you heard? NO? Yes?

I think many of you have surely heard about it but if you have not heard let me tell you about BlueByHeart. The name Bluebyheart was given to Indian team because of Indian team blue jerseys and the amazing thing that the blue jersey came from our very own Indian national flag.

Now you must be thinking how blue color came from Indian national flag. So, let me clear your thinking. Actually, Indian flag has three colors
1. Saffron
2. White
3. Green

As saffron got rejected because it could be related to political parties, white wasn’t that impactful and green was already taken by Pakistan’s team.

But yes, there was anther color and that was of the Ashok Chakra, the color blue of the chakra was then selected for Team India’s jersey.

I think I have cleared all your doubt. If still you have any doubt then let me know.
Many years changed but our on-field warriors are still the ‘Men in Blue ‘, ‘BlueByHeart’.

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