Everything You Need to Know about Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is becoming the new topic of popularity among sports lovers. And talking about India, this nation has always been crazy for cricket since we first knew the game. We love not only the game but also the players that are keeping it alive. But now, apart from actually playing the game, we can try a different virtual adventure. So, let us get started.

What is a Fantasy Cricket?

The idea of Fantasy Cricket captured the world by a storm. The necessary planning dates back years, but the concept of playing in the fantasy world has been a great hit. Being money involved, you can see thousands of Fantasy Cricket websites popping up on your computer every day. Also, with the involvement of market and money, it has attracted many of the brand ambassadors and cricketers.

The basic idea of Fantasy Cricket is to select and win. Well, in the game, you choose a team of your own based on the players involved in a particular match to be taken place in the real world in some time. Now, you can choose players from both teams or even from a single unit.

All you have to do is choose 11 players and make one as captain. Now, when your team is ready, its time to wait for the actual match to start. Well, you will get points based upon your team players’ performance in the exact match. So, if your player makes more runs, you will get more points. And so, it is utterly important to make a better team.

Everything You Need to Know about Fantasy Cricket

Making a Fantasy Cricket Team

The team selection is a crucial part of Fantasy Cricket. The idea is to pick 11 players from both squads overall. The wicket-keepers and all-rounders are mostly preferred in the game since they make points in both innings as compared to batsman or bowlers only, which can only participate at their best in one inning.

The Fantasy Cricket sites also allow their users to make changes in their team before the match. So, you can make sure that no one peeks at your team before the deadline.

The most Fantasy Cricket gaming sites divide the squads into basically four categories- wicket-keeper, batsmen, all-rounders, and even bowlers. Every player in the game is assigned with a particular value called credit. This number is based upon the performance of players in the actual game.

A better performer gets more confident as compared to that of an irregular one. There is a set limit of 1. It signifies the number of players you can choose from a category. The total value of all your eleven players should not exceed the set limit of the game. So, choose wisely.

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Fantasy Cricket Point System

Every Fantasy gaming site has its own set of rules and point system, but the basic idea of scores remains the same. Every run, every wicket, every catch, every run-out, every stumping by the playing eleven in the game gives you points.

Bonus points in the game are awarded for a better strike rate, on the number of boundaries by your players, with a better economy rate and even milestones such as century and five-wicket hauls.

Not just this, if you play shows poor performance, you will also suffer a deduction in points. For example, you will get negative aspects if your bowler gives too many runs to another team or if your batsman gets out on a duck.

There is also a little advantage in team selection of the game. Well, you will also be made to choose the captain and the vice-captain of your team. The idea is that these players are to be selected as the best performing players in the game.

The captain of the group earns as twice as points as his actual points. Meanwhile, the vice-captain scores 1.5 times as much points as his actual earned points. So, choose them wisely.

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Types of Fantasy Contests

There are a variety of Fantasy Cricket contests taking place on all those sites, and so, it is indeed of great importance to know about each one of them.

  • Head to Head

The head to the head type of the game is the most straight forward of all. It involves two players fighting against each other for the win. The winner takes all while the loser gets nothing in the game. These contests are mostly preferred by the players since they give 50% chances of winning the game.

  • Winner Takes Everything

It is just like the first one, and its next step. In this type of contest, more than two people but usually less than five to six people participate in the game. While the winner takes all the rewards. The odds of winning are about 20% to 30%, but the prize money is higher. So, why not try your luck.

  • Medium Contests

In these types of contests, the number of players increases to 30 to 300. Well, the number of winners in the game also increases, but the chances of winning decrease. So, you need to choose your team very much wisely.

  • Grand Leagues/ Mega Contests

These games are the biggest of all. In these games, everyone tries their luck with about thousands of players participating. And so, the reward money increases by a far more significant amount while the chances of winning for an individual decrease by a lot. To win such a game, you need to have an excellent selection and a very, very lucky day.

Final Verdict

Well, everything is about predictions, trying your luck, and having fun. Just make sure of a few things, and you will be on the way to win a lot. These sites are legal. But still, some of them try to grope money from you.

So, make sure that the gaming site you are using is 100% legit and verified by the government. This might look like betting to you, but in actuality is a play of total luck.

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